How Unified Test Automation is Reshaping Testing


by Payam Fard and Joe Kiriacos

Codeless test automation has rapidly become an integral enabler of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), providing testing at speed without jeopardizing the quality of the release. While the market has no shortage of automation tooling, the pool of vendors capable of offering a holistic solution for functional and non-functional testing is markedly smaller. This lack of unified testing furthers technical and knowledge barriers between adjacent testing teams, leaving them in their respective silos and preventing collaboration and reusability. That inefficiency is counter to the cornerstone concepts of Agile and DevOps.

How can a unified testing solution optimize processes, increase productivity, encourage collaboration, enable reuse, and simplify reporting? What does it mean to use a solution that supports all types of testing from a single user interface?

Watch to explore the benefits of a unified testing approach that enables all project stakeholders to truly collaborate and work together for a common purpose. Hear how other organizations are boosting their productivity, reducing maintenance time and effort, and reducing resource dependencies with unified codeless automation from Subject7.

Our CEO Payam Fard and CRO Joe Kiriacos, discuss the benefits of a holistic and unified approach to testing and how it is empowering project stakeholders (testers, business users, SME’s, developers, SDETs, manual testers, and end-users) to upskill their knowledge and contribute more meaningfully to their organizations’ business growth and agility.

  • Leverage one platform for all your end-to-end test automation needs
  • Reuse automated test cases for both functional and non-functional testing
  • Increase code coverage by having a broader team of stakeholders contributing to testing
  • Reduce test maintenance while minimizing resource dependencies 
  • Consistently report and benchmark your QA accomplishments

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