Web Testing

  • True codeless test case authoring
  • Creates reliable and deterministic test flows
  • Record and Play with our Smart XPath generation
  • No need to self-heal when using our resilient locators  
  • Leverages Selenium while removing the technical complexity
  • COMING SOON: Cutting-edge AI Test Generation

Desktop Testing

  • Utilizes image recognition and OCR to create robust automation flows
  • Compatible with any thick client or legacy application
  • Leverages Sikuli X while removing the technical complexity

Native Mobile Testing

  • Supports 100+ mobile emulators for Android and iOS devices
  • High scale parallel execution in the cloud
  • Ability to run on real devices
  • Leverages Appium while removing the technical complexity

API Testing

  • Easily execute REST and SOAP web services
  • Verify JSON and XML response
  • Create testing variables based on API calls
  • Simplifies end-to-end testing

Database Testing

  • Supports a vast ecosystem of compatible databases
  • Reads database values and efficiently performs verifications or creates data-driven testing parameters
  • Simplified interface for endpoint definitions or easy link to Excel

Load Testing

  • Easy reuse of functional tests for load testing
  • Scales from hundreds to tens of thousands of virtual users (VU)
  • Test using REST APIs, Headless, or real browser session for each VU
  • Leverages JMeter eliminating reliance on performance engineering

Accessibility Testing

  • Easily reuse your functional test for accessibility testing
  • Validate sprint to sprint changes and accessibility compliance
  • Basic capabilities included with every license
  • COMING SOON: Advanced accessibility testing with added provisions