Consistently Build Quality Software with Speed, Better ROI, and Effectively Manage Codeless Test Automation


by Payam Fard, Harshal Vora

While digital transformation has been a key push for enterprises for more than a decade now, COVID-19 has made it a main priority for everyone to deliver to consumer demands online, and to align the backend process as well. Speed is of great essence. But today’s complex IT landscapes include multiple modern and legacy applications supporting a plethora of complex business processes. How do you decide on what to automate? How can your testing span across applications to ensure accuracy and change resilience? How do you automate quickly to deliver on the promise of continuous quality at speed?

Learn how codeless test automation enables business and QA teams to simultaneously speed up testing cycles, reduce manual efforts, and ensure enterprise application quality through continuous testing that’s easy to build and maintain. Explore how an AI enabled digital quality platform can deliver on continuous testing through codeless test automation, CI/CD integrations, comprehensive test management capabilities, and actionable quality insights.

In this webinar, Payam Fard of Subject7 and Harshal Vora of QMetry discuss how end-to-end automation supported by effective test management can empower enterprises to:

  • Accelerate testing with controls and automated tooling
  • Seamlessly test – from test case definition to high scale cloud execution
  • Have better error management with defect reporting/analytics
  • Have continuous testing in all environments in parallel
  • Have a CI/CD and ticketing system for a full DevOps feedback loop
  • Provide deterministic and repeatable testing procedures
  • Ensure consistent deployment of high-quality software

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