What is Regression Testing?

What is Regression Testing?
Payam Fard

The technical definition of regression testing is the testing of existing functionality of a mobile or web-based application when changes and enhancements are rolled out. In theory, enhancements to other, unrelated branches of code should not affect existing functionality, but we’ve all seen it happen.

This gets us to the more real life definition of regression testing, which is you need to test everything before you release new code to avoid the embarasment of a broken application. Unfortunately what can happen even with the best of intentions is that regression testing is left until the end of the development cycle and is almost done as a after thought because so much time, effort, and attention is paid to the new functionality that’s being released.

The Subject7 test automation platform allows you to relax and feel confident that your app won’t break. Our tool makes it easy to write test cases for regression testing and these test can be set to run off cycle as not to disrupt any workflows.

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