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Pivoting to Codeless Test Automation

Every article about testing tooling talks about building the right team.  Some even go so far as to suggest that you consider whether the people you have will match the test approach you are considering.  Today, we go a little further than that, and talk about the skills that matter for a no code approach to

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Dev and Test Switching Lanes

Testers spend too much time programming, debugging, and maintaining test code, instead of focusing on exploring and reducing risk.  We saw a problem two decades ago in record and playback and the pendulum swung too far the other way.  Should testers really be coding, when the developers are actually embracing low and no-code development?

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Test Automation Selection Strategy

In a landscape of 100+ vendors, finding the right solution for your test automation project can be daunting. Our selection guide helps to focus efforts and ensure best fit to purpose by applying a systemic approach.

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Measuring the ROI of Test Automation

Test automation delivers major efficiencies and enables teams to release faster and with greater confidence. But the key metric of ROI can be the most difficult to measure. Our ROI White Paper outlines approaches to measure the ROI of your test automation program.

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