Press Release

Subject7 Inc., developers of the incredibly fast and easy Subject7 software test automation platform, released Version 8.7 of its solution today. This release includes several time-saving enhancements to the main platform, adding to the elegance and simplicity of Subject7’s powerful test automation solution.

Highlights of the new version include:

  • The local Subject7 player is now packaged as a standalone Java application, eliminating the need to download the local player and connect to it upon login to Subject7.
  • The ability for users to use their own path for a Google Chrome driver, avoiding discrepancy issues between a Chrome browser version and a Selenium Chrome driver.
  • Switch frame capability is now added to the Selenese list of commands.
  • Compatibility with OpenJDK as a replacement to Oracle JDK.
  • New drag-and-drop desktop command, saving time.
  • Enhanced desktop hotkey commands to support CTRL + keys for quick commands.
  • Wild card and partial text searches for all fields are now enabled on the steps search page.
  • Attachments are now added for manual testing execution results
  • Native Mobile: Mobile Verify Element command is enhanced to include Verify Element options available for web.

“We are incredibly pleased to bring these latest enhancements to market in this new release,” said Payam Fard, CEO of Subject7. “Valued customer feedback and nimble responsiveness to their needs are what make Subject7 the most robust and effective software test automation platform available today. Our aggressive development roadmap promises continued strides toward our mission to provide the absolute fastest and easiest test automation platform on the market.”

About Subject7

Subject7 is the developer of an incredibly fast, easy, and affordable software test automation platform that requires no coding skills to perform complex, end-to-end test automation scenarios at virtually any scale. Major corporations, U.S. government agencies, and federal contractors rely on Subject7’s powerful platform to quickly and easily identify and correct code issues, accelerate release cycles, and reduce development costs. For more information, visit