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Subject7 Inc., developers of the incredibly fast and easy Subject7 software test automation platform, was selected to help stabilize and harden Motionsoft’s physical fitness industry software by automating thousands of test cases.

“As a company with aggressive software test automation objectives, Motionsoft fits nicely into the sweet spot for Subject7, to help take their agile development environment to the next level,” said Payam Fard, CEO of Subject7. “We’re very pleased to add Motionsoft to our growing list of forward-thinking customers who recognize the need for more effective test automation that’s also very easy to use.”

Motionsoft has been primarily relying on a combination of manual testing and limited test automation using an in-house solution that took three weeks to execute. The company ultimately recognized the need to look for a software automation platform that can easily scale out of the box to be able to aggressively automate thousands of test cases over time while staying within the timelines of their sprints. Motionsoft considered several test automation options but selected Subject7 after seeing an impressive demo and checking Subject7’s customer references.

“You really can’t adopt an agile methodology without test automation,” said Grant Otto, Motionsoft’s CTO. “You simply don’t have time to keep running tests in the waterfall method. Anyone trying to do releases monthly will find that it’s just not possible to release a quality product without testing automation.”

“Subject7 is a very user-friendly test automation solution,” added Grant. “There’s simply no coding needed to write and execute automation tests. If you know basic Xpath, you can do your own test scripts. It’s just very intuitive and certainly not difficult to learn.”

Motionsoft is the leading provider of software products for the physical fitness industry, with more than 2,000 gyms throughout the Americas and the UK as customers. The software provides all the capabilities needed to manage a fitness center, including contract management, check-in, point-of-sale, financial reporting, business analytics, and more.

About Subject7

Subject7 is the developer of an incredibly fast, easy, and affordable software test automation platform that requires no coding skills to perform complex, end-to-end test automation scenarios at virtually any scale. Major corporations, U.S. government agencies, and federal contractors rely on Subject7’s powerful platform to quickly and easily identify and correct code issues, accelerate release cycles, and reduce development costs. For more information, visit