About Latitude CG

Latitude CG, is an industry leader in driving performance and the home of LatitudeLearning. LatitudeLearning is for executives that oversee training programs and want employees and partners to be ready for today and tomorrow’s business challenges.

Latitude’s product is a Learning Management System (LMS) that manages organizational skill development. Unlike other LMSs, which are limited to managing knowledge acquisition, the product manages knowledge acquisition, skill development, and organizational readiness.

Selection Process

Latitude does 26 releases on their product annually; therefore, having an automated testing tool for regression testing is extremely vital to their software and to fulfill their promises to their clients on fixing all software bugs within 30 days. “During the selection process, I wanted to select a product that served our needs and an organization that provides the same high quality we provide our end-users,” said Brooke Oprsal, Managing Principal at Latitude CG.

Prior to adopting Subject7, Latitude had used another test automation tool. The tool was difficult to maintain and required highly technical users to write and run test scripts. Despite investing significant time and resources in implementing the previous tool, issues emerged when Latitude started working on a major upgrade to their LMS. The upgrade significantly enhanced Latitude’s GUI and application workflow, breaking all their automated test cases. Realizing that maintaining the broken test cases would create hundreds of hours of work, Latitude decided to survey the market for a better solution.

The Latitude team undertook a tool evaluation of several different providers and ultimately selected Subject7 for their LMS. Latitude selected Subject7 because they wanted to ensure the highest levels of software quality to their end-clients. And they wanted to select an automation platform that leveraged AI and could be integrated into their DevOps tooling to simplify and accelerate the job of their testing team. They needed a solution that could easily support their bi-weekly release schedule, allow them to accelerate testing, test across various devices and browsers, and rapidly increase code coverage so they could deliver with confidence.

Subject7 enabled Latitude to achieve all the goals and optimize their user experience across smartphones, tablets, and computers with fast and effective regression tests for any technology.

By selecting Subject7, the Latitude team determined that they could:

  • Empower non-technical users to create sophisticated automated test cases.
  • Easily test across multiple environments including test, staging development, and production.
  • Schedule test cases that could run at high scale in the cloud, shortening their testing time and reducing the feedback cycle to their development team.
  • Enhance internal collaboration by enabling each member of the team to accomplish more.


Within 2 months of adopting Subject7, Latitude had completely recreated all their previous test cases using the Subject7 platform. Subject7’s codeless interface enabled the team to recreate the test cases about 10x faster than they were originally created with the previous tool. Within 4 months, they have nearly doubled their automated test cases and code coverage. Brooke Oprsal, Managing Principal of the Delivery Team at Latitude CG said, “We have been automating our test cases with Subject7’s platform since 2021. We have seen the value in their codeless automation approach, which enabled us to not only recover from a failing automation approach but also to rapidly improve our automation practices and end-client satisfaction.” The specific benefits from Subject7 adoption included:

  • Ease of implementation and test case recreation. All test cases were replicated in a fraction of the time it took to originally write them.
  • Empowered every team member to create robust test flows, despite most not being coders.
  • Improved confidence in product quality. LCG could test more, test faster, and completely reinvent their testing practices. The use of the software has enabled the Latitude team to improve their customer experience.
  • Simplified Test Case Maintenance. Subject7 enabled LCG to save time and effort, reducing duplicative efforts while easing test maintenance.
  • Exceptional customer service. The support and service offered by Subject7 have demonstrated the degree to which Subject7 is invested in Latitude’s success with test automation.


By adopting Subject7, Latitude CG has reinvented and reframed their testing practices, delivering a better experience for end-clients while improving operational efficiency and controls. “Subject7 provides us with evidence that our platform has been tested thoroughly. The ability to demonstrate stringent testing practices to my executive stakeholders increases our confidence that every solution capability is working as designed before we go to production. I cannot think of anything that can be improved,” remarked Brooke. Speaking of Subject7, “The company is great; the tools are great. We made a perfect choice in our selection of a test automation partner in Subject7.”