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Web Testing

Testing web applications should not be complicated.

That is why we created Subject7, to enable testers to create intelligent and sophisticated test cases without ever writing a single line of code.

But there is a lot to consider when you are planning how to accelerate and transform your testing practices.

Web Testing

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Security Testing

API Testing

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Database Testing

Sophisticated Test Cases
  • AI-enabled record and playback enables anyone to author and execute test flows
  • Test flows replay reliably for even the most complex web apps
  • Supports sophisticated end to end and data driven testing with easy setup and maintenance

Practically any test automation tooling can work if you create test cases that are simple enough, but that is not the world we live in. Modern web applications utilize dynamic elements and incorporate ever-growing logic on the front end. Test cases must be created intelligently to produce outcomes that increase confidence in a successful release. We enable users to create sophisticated test cases that can easily incorporate data-driven testing and traverse even the most advanced web application frameworks. We leverage sophisticated AI in our action recorder, enabling Subject7 to create resilient web locators that work reliably irrespective of your web application framework.

  • Empowers non-technical & business testers to be automation experts
  • Achieves automation coverage at speed
  • 10X improvement in test case creation versus Selenium alone
  • Removes the technical barriers and overcomes the common challenges of Selenium-based automation

Leveraging the power of Selenium, we have incorporated the capabilities of the world’s most-used web driver to create a truly integrated and codeless user experience. Building around the edges of Selenium, Subject7 addresses and improves some of the inherent challenges of Selenium. Using Subject7, testers can author test cases completely codelessly and accelerate their development of new test cases. Head-to-head challenges consistently demonstrate that tests authored using Subject7 can be completed ten times faster than Selenium alone. This helps teams reach automation coverage faster and easier, and puts testing in the hands of business analysts and application SMEs rather than coders.

  • Utilizes Excel, CSV, or databases to incorporate data parameters for testing
  • High-scale parallel execution runs through all data sets at speed, delivering reports that quickly illustrate pass/fail status and details

We make it easy to incorporate data parameters into your test cases and do it codelessly. Once you build your baseline test flow with our action recorder, just upload your Excel file, CSV, or link to a datastore with your test data parameters. Subject7 does the rest, enabling you to replace hard-coded testing values with data parameters in just a few simple steps. Create a single automation flow that may spawn hundreds or thousands of permutations of test cases based on parameterized data . Then just run the test in our included cloud infrastructure and deliver lightning fast testing results to your team.

Resilient Element Definitions
  • Supports dynamic web elements and complex web applications
  • Compatible with ERP testing, including Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, and others
  • Leverages AI to create intelligent and resilient web element locators

We believe preventing failures starts with intelligent web locators. Using advanced AI, Subject7 creates reliable web locators as you click through the application or fill form data to record your test flow. Our AI-enabled recorder generates XPaths that are not prone to common failures. Our approach even works with applications that leverage dynamic web elements (like Salesforce), enabling testers to build resilient test cases that stand the test of time.

Self Healing
  • Automatically recovers from common causes of failure
  • Reports tests cases and elements that were healed
  • Focuses attention on defects rather than defective test cases

Rapidly evolving applications and dynamic web elements are a common cause of false failures. That’s why Subject7 incorporates self-healing to detect changes and automatically repair the web locator. Our self-healing covers many of the most common issues that lead to test case failure, enabling testers to pinpoint failures caused by a defect versus an out-of-date web element. This helps save time and focus resources on the failures that matter, the ones that impact your users.

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