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Platform or Point Solution?

A few years ago, it was popular for companies to create “suites” that were really just a bunch of small tools, purchased, and bundled together. Often the technology did not interoperate. Many of those companies are no longer in business, or else they have been purchased by a MegaCorp. None of that is what I

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Machine Learning Hype in Testing: Separating Fact from Fiction

Three computer systems, working on the same problem separately, all try to solve a problem. If at least two come to the same conclusion, then everything can proceed. If, however, there are three different answers, then humans need to intervene to figure out what is really going on. Is this fact or fiction? If you

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The Power of Collaboration

Imagine this scenario: The company has programmers, analysts, and testers. The programmers complain the analysts do a poor job; they have to figure out what the software should really do. The testers come along and find problems with that, unconsidered scenarios, and we have to do everything over again. When DevOps comes along, the company

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Why Adaptive Testing is beating the West Coast School

Executive Summary While the world of marketing is full of “best practices” and universal truisms, engineers tend to think in terms of trade offs. That is, this approach creates these problems and that approach creates those problems, and I value this over that, so I have made my choice. The Agile Manifesto may be one of the

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Avoiding False Positives and Negatives in UI Test Automation

Executive Summary It shows up like this. The programmers make a change. At some point, the tests run, and there are a series of failures. The testers review the failures, and as it turns out, some large number of them were caused by the change. Others are “flakiness,” something wrong with the environment, or browser,

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