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Life’s too short for mismatched QA automation platforms. So let’s get specific…

We’re all about Lossless QA. That means QA automation with no leakage. That means there’s no loss of quality, efficiency, empowerment, or clarity—regardless of the user's technical ability.

It’s how we’ve helped our customers...

  • Increase QA productivity by 90%
  • Reduce testing
    time by 60%
  • Recreate the test cases 10x faster

Anyone who promises you impact like this without getting to know your QA challenges first, is probably best avoided. We think the best QA automation platform choices start with getting alignment.

More about the demo process

Request an alignment call

We aren’t here to waste your time (or ours). So, step one is to confirm we’re a good fit.

Your business’s QA needs depend on its size, complexity, and technical maturity—which means we’ll need to ask you about your specific testing needs.

We’ll use this info to identify the kind of demo that’ll be most valuable for you.

The targeted demo

Using the details we got from the alignment call we will then give you a walkthrough of the platform—based on the use cases, types of testing, and set up you currently have.

You get a chance to:

  • Have an up close and personal look at the platform
  • Ask all the questions you want about functionality (and get specific answers from a technical sales rep)
  • See a detailed walkthrough of how dynamic abstraction enables team members of all technical skill levels to create test cases
  • Learn how to write tests on your own application under test conditions.
  • Use the product yourself to assess how comfortable and confident your team will be when using it.

Ultimately, you’ll get a clear indication of how valuable Subject7 will be to your organization.

And if you’re anything like the folks who volunteered to review us — chances are it’ll be pretty valuable.

The time benefit is exactly why we picked Subject7. We did a comparison of test script conversions, and it takes 2-3 hours to convert a manual test script into a Subject7 test script, by a fresh newbie. It took a Python developer 2-3 days to write it out. That's where the benefit is.


We piloted Subject7 and other tools. We had Selenium and UFT but we went with Subject7 because it was much more user-friendly. And with all the capabilities Subject7 offers, you can run load testing, web service testing, UI test, and reuse pieces of the code in the same tool.


We've been able to decrease our time to market with Subject7. We have reduced testing time by 60%, and we're now running more tests in less time. We have also improved the quality of our releases.

— Major eCommerce Retailer

Lossless QA starts here…

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